The 9 bamboo-twigs of Bamburista

1. 100% bamboo. 1. The fabric of the shoe is 100% natural and consists entirely of bamboo. 2. Natural rubber. Thanks to the high percentage of natural rubber, the sole is flexible, durable and the risk of tearing is nil. --- 3. Made in Europe. The sneakers are produced in Europe, where clean and good working conditions apply and therefore a short supply line. 4. ECO footprint. Bamboo absorbs a lot of CO2 and inhibits global warming. ------------ 5. Soft. Bamboo from BmGuya is satin soft and skin-friendly. It feels great on your feet. ------- 6. Clean ground. Bamboo is a strong grass that can grow quickly in a natural environment, without the use of pesticides and chemicals. -- 7. Degradable. Bamboo is biodegradable. It turns into compost within 6 months. -------- 8. Breathable. Bamboo from BmGuya is super comfortable, breathable, quick-drying and antibacterial. It prevents an unpleasant smell in your shoes and is pleasant to wear at any outside temperature, in summer and winter. -- 9. Strong. Bamboo is very strong and durable. This guarantees a long life. Completely sustainable!

The plantations of Asia

Bamburista's sneakers have their origin in the enormous bamboo forests on the Asian part of our planet. The bamboo for our bamboo sneakers grows on these natural, unspoiled plantations. These bamboo forests contribute to the flora & fauna, the environment and the climate as well. These woods are indestructible for centuries. The bamboo grows exuberantly under the monsoon rains. Local 'bamboo looms' weave the bamboo yarns into a strong, soft fabric that has a beautiful shine and gets the BmGuya predicate.

Pure nature

The unique fabric BmGuya has no additives. It consists entirely of bamboo. Bamburista's are produced of Bmguya in Europe. The other materials, such as rubber for the sole, are natural as well. The shoe is water-based glued. This means no chemical odors in your shoe. The sneakers are pure and serene as the bamboo itself.

Bamboo forest

* Purifies the air and is CO2-positive (bamboo absorbs CO2) * Strengthens the ecosystem * Prevents soil erosion and retains water * Grows quickly, up to one meter per day * Grows without the use of pesticides and fertilizers * Provides a sustainable living environment * Important tool in landscape management

CO2 eater!

Did you know that bamboo extracts more than 35% more CO2 than trees? Bamboo is a real CO2 eater and helps quite well with the global CO2-reduction. Wear those shoes and make your green deal!
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