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BLOG 1: Facemask Bamboo & Environment

BLOG 1: Facemask bamboo & environment

Facemask bamboo

Now that the measures regarding COVID-19 have been tightened, you may want to purchase a facemask for the first time in your life.
Until a year ago, this was only worn in the medical sector, until Corona made its appearance.
Now you see mouth masks in the street.

What is important when buying a mask?

In this blog we pay attention to the environmental-technical aspects. Some scientists argue that the heavy burden on the environment by humans is a breeding ground for the origin of Corona.

When purchasing a facemask, you should consider two aspects:

  • what material is it made of?
  • what happens with the facemask after use?

The material of a mouth mask

With a facemask, made of a synthetic fiber (no a material from nature), you know that an industrial production process has taken place. Normally, CO2 emissions then take place because fossil fuels are used.
You can also opt for natural materials.

Environmentally conscious face mask

A cap must also be broken off again. In the case of synthetic material, a further contribution to the greenhouse effect takes place through CO2 emissions from the incinerator.
If it is a disposable cap, this is done with a high frequency. There is also the danger that the mask will pass on as litter and contribute to the plastic soup.

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